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Property Analysis Buyer

Total analysis of all features of the home including all the items listed below.  Taking approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours, a written report is compiled at the site and reviewed with the buyer, discussing any concerns and answering questions.  This provides extensive detail, in an easy to understand format, to assist the buyer in making an informed decision on the purchase with confidence.

On site Report
Insulation and Ventilation
Doors and Windows
Air Conditioning
Maintenance Tips
Cost Estimates
Suggested Improvements

Property Analysis, Seller

Providing valuable information, prior to actively marketing the home, the seller can make educated decisions regarding possible concerns in the property, that would be discovered in a Purchase Home Inspection.  Decisions can be made regarding corrections at this stage,  if needed,  help establish a proper selling price, and prepare the seller for potential re-negotiations.  There are definite benefits with this program.  The inspection fee is very minimal when this can be used as a sales tool, and prevent an unknown defect to interfere with the sale.

New Construction

We have several programs available regarding the construction of new homes, that are contoured to fit the individual needs of the buyer.  We can perform a one-stop inspection a few days prior to closing to create a punch-list for your final walk-through.  We can also follow your project from start to finish, performing as many inspections as you feel are needed, and assist you with recommendations along the way.

Please call our staff regarding these programs, that one can be designed to suite your needs.

FHA Certifications

We are approved by HUD to perform certifications for certain loan requirements that are requested by the appraisers.  Sometimes, the appraiser is concerned with the future performance of a certain component of the home, and will ask for a thorough inspection and certification.  These include roofing, heating and air conditioning, insulation, plumbing, electrical, and structural.  At times, he may ask for some other specific item.

We provide all the paperwork required, and can forward all items to the mortgage company at your request.  We try to provide these services in a very expedient manner to move your purchase forward.

Radon Testing

We are licensed by the State of Ohio as a Radon Tester.  We utilize continuous monitors, which are approved for the 48 hour real estate transaction testing.

The results from our monitors are available the day the test is completed.  We are available to answer any questions you have regarding Radon, and can provide you with assistance in locating additional services if needed.

Gas Line Inspections/Warranty

We carry equipment to check all visible and accessible gas lines inside the structure when needed. If we suspect a gas leak during a Home Inspection, we check for this at no charge, for the safety of all involved.

We provide an on-site line inspection, and offer a warranty for one full year against leakage. The inspection must be preformed prior to issuance of warranty, call for details.

Termite Inspections

We provide a wood destroying insect ( WDI ) inspection, covering termites, powder post bettles, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants. We are approved by the Ohio Department of Agriculture for these inspections, and our reports meet all mortgage / lender requirments. Ohio Department of Agriculture License # 103570.

Septic Inspections

Septic tank lid(s) and/or riser(s) must be visible for proper inspection of tank. If not visible, seller should mark exact tank location for inspection prior to arrival. If below grade, client (or seller) has option to remove soil for proper lid access

If not visible, inspector may, or may not, fully at his option, remove soil for inspection, and additional fees will apply. If tank is not opened due to access issue, the report will specify "Riser install required, to grade, for proper service and inspections."

This inspection involves an on-site evaluation of all visible components of the system. We start with a dye test, push the system as to volume, check tank fluid/solid levels, review any mechanical components, and check for any unauthorized discharge points. We strive to verify proper operation of all visible parts of the system, to be operating as designed, and within EPA and Health / Safety guidelines. A written report is issued when the inspection is complete.

Water Testing

We collect water samples for testing from private residential systems, and provide test results from the laboratory in a written report. We adhere to all Laboratory Collection Protocol for Quality Assurance. The water test involves checking for the presence of E-Coli and Coliform bacteria in the water, making it non-potable for human consumption. The test is basically 24 hours, and results are provided 1-2 days after the sample is taken. Call for information.

Expert Witness, Legal Actions

We currently are assisting several attorneys who represent clients with construction issues and problems that they have encountered with their builders and/or properties.

We perform detailed inspections of problem areas, provide analysis including corrections, costing, and any other recommendations that are applicable.

Our reports are quality in format and suitable for submission to the court as evidence.  We also testify as expert witnesses at court trials and hearings, which are charged at an hourly rate.

Additional information is available upon request.